Diamonds in the Rough Roundup 3/13/15

The NFL just keeps on surprising doesn’t it?  After a crazy exciting Super Bowl, things calmed down for a bit before the free agent frenzy started.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many key players changing teams.  Most surprising is Jimmy Graham going to Seattle.  This makes the Seattle offense look incredible on paper, but we’ll see how he fits in.  The Philadelphia Eagles experiment also looks interesting, especially me being a fan of the Giants who will have to face them twice a year.  Chip Kelly looks like a mad scientist right now.  Here are a couple (literally just a couple) of mad interesting articles I read this week:


-The Seven Deadly Sins of Personal Finance by Wealth Gospel:  Personal finance has so many layers, including moral and psychological.  Good read on what traditional sins can look like in personal finance.

Stock Picking is Almost Always a Losing Game by Cash Cow Couple:  One of the most thorough posts I’ve read showing why picking individual stocks is a losing game.  A select few guess right.  But most don’t.





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