Diamonds in the Rough Roundup 11/14/14

Though it hasn’t seemed like it on the blog, it’s been a busy week of writing for me.  I’ve been doing some freelancing lately and I’m really enjoying it (Shout out to Cat for her great guidance.)  I would like to keep up with the blog a little more though, so I may scale back on the freelancing a bit.  Though it’s nice to finally be making some monies!  Here are some great posts I read from this past week.  Also thanks to Cat once again for allowing me to guest post on Budget Blonde.  Check out my post titled “How an Emergency Fund Saved My Family

Do I Regret Deleting My Facebook? By Frugaling:  Sam did something we all dream of at some point, and that is delete our Facebook account.  This may be the conspiracy theorist coming out, but are our accounts ever really deleted?  We know that the government works closely with FB and Google, so I’m sure everything is stored somewhere.

5 Things I hate Spending Money on by The Daily Whisk:  Some expenses are necessary and actually worth it.  Some aren’t.  Like “convenience fees”.  I hate that term.

Side hustles that suck: ebay by Student Debt Survivor:  Ebay is a very polarizing place, as some people hate it and some love it.  As this post says, and I agree, you really have to sell the right things to see some profit from ebay.

What’s Your Sacred Cow? by Financially Blond:  I first read this as SCARED cow and was confused for a bit.  But then it made sense.  It’s true we all have parts of our budget that are so important to us that we will never touch them.  The best thing is to start with what’s not sacred and try to work on that.



  1. THANK YOU for including my post! I’m up there with some amazing company!!! 🙂

    • Syed says

      You’re very welcome! Great posts usually deserve great company.

  2. Woo hoo! Love having you in the coaching clan!

  3. Wow! I’m glad that freelancing is keeping you so busy. Gotta check you out on Budget Blonde now (family emergency this week, so I’m out of the loop).

    • Syed says

      Yes it is keeping me busy. But I don’t like being too busy it gets annoying so I may scale back to being “comfortably” busy. Yes go and check it out! Thanks for the comment.

  4. While I am still actively looking for a couple more freelance clients, I also plan on spending some more time on my site. I just started to tweak my theme and I have a list of changes/improvements that I hope to add over the next couple months.

    • Syed says

      Yeah it’s important to find a balance I’m still trying to find just the right amount. Having a good looking site is also helpful when looking for freelance jobs too.

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