Diamonds in the Rough Roundup 7/11/14

Ah only Lebron’s decision making (or lack thereof) could eclipse the World Cup final in sports news.  It would be pretty cool if he ends up going to Cleveland.  It would really transform his image from the guy who left his hometown to achieve glory elsewhere but now he can be the prodigal son who returns.  Once he makes a decision then the dominoes will start following.  While I would like Carmelo to come back to the Knicks, I’m not convinced he’s worth max contract money as he’s pretty limited defensively.  I guess we can only wait and see where these millionaires decide to go.

Here are some great posts that might not make you a multimillion dollar athlete, but will get you on a better financial footing:

Double Dose of Credit Card Fraud by Broke Millennial:  Credit card fraud is one of those things that you always hear about but you never think it will happen to you.  But the fact is, it will happen to everyone at some point most likely.  Good thing the credit card companies are pretty good at detecting it nowadays.

My Favorite Way to save Money: Do it Yourself by Common Sense Millennial:  When you hire someone to do a project for you, be it a big home remodeling job or an oil change for your car, you will mostly be paying for labor.  If it’s something that you would feel comfortable learning on your own, it can be worth it to do it yourself.

Should I pay off my student loans with a huge lump sum payment? by Student Loan Sherpa:  Being able to pay off your student loans right away is admittedly a good problem to have, but if it is a lower interest loan, it might be better to put extra money into your retirement accounts.  But I wouldn’t question anyone who wants to make the lump sum and just get rid of the student loan debt shackles.

How to Maintain a Good Work Life Balance when You’re Self Employed by Wealth Way Online:  I’m currently not self employed, but the ideas in this post work for everybody.  Basically, it’s important to take some time to yourself for reflection in order to re charge and to make sure you are working as efficiently as possible.

Latest App-O-Rama by Your PF Pro:  I’m kind of a credit card junkie so I love reading about other bloggers adventures in getting multiple cards.  Looking forward to my next churn in a few months.


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