Diamonds in the Rough Roundup 9/19/14

I usually enjoy writing about the latest sports news in these posts but man I don’t enjoy doing it today.  Very tough few weeks for the NFL as one star player gets convicted of domestic abuse and another one for child abuse.  The football games were good but its stories like these that seem to dominate the airwaves.  Hopefully players will be on their best behavior going forward so we can actually concentrate on the games themselves.

Hope everyone at FinCon has a great time.  I wasn’t planning on going this year but I’m looking forward to going next year hopefully.  Have a great weekend everybody.

Pay Down Debt or Invest?  Implement FS-DAIR by Financial Samurai:  The decision to pay off debt versus investing is usually a difficult one with many factors involved.  This post provides a good rule of thumb for anyone having trouble deciding.

The 4% Rule Examined by Dividend Mantra:  The 4% “safe” withdrawal rule is treated as gospel in some circles, but does have some drawbacks.

6 Ways to Be More Frugal and Save Thousands by Making Sense of Cents:  Being frugal in one aspect of your life will help but not a huge amount.  It’s when you’re frugal in many things, especially big ticket things, that the savings can really add up.

Why the Debt Snowball wasn’t for me by Student Debt Survivor:  Deciding between the debt snowball or avalanche payoff method can be a big decision, especially if you have large amounts of debt.  From a purely numbers perspective, the avalanche method is the best but sometimes debt payoff can be more than just numbers.



  1. Syed,

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂

    I hear you on the NFL stuff. Really crazy right now. I watched the Atlanta vs. Tampa game yesterday. That was a drubbing.

    Best wishes!

    • Syed says

      No problem Jason. Yeah this last weeks games have been great though. Make sure to watch my Giants this thursday night!

  2. I’m definitely ready for the NFL to “move on” from all these distractions. With that being said, it’s important to discuss them and have them out in the open if they ARE happening. I just hope players wise up. If the best player in the league can lose everything for doing something stupid, anyone can.

    • Syed says

      The NFL really does seem like a reactionary league. They make rules as they go along once players actually get caught. It looks like that method is starting to catch up with them and there will most likely be some major changes coming. That being said, NFL games are still fun to watch and stadiums are still being filled, so they must be doing a lot of things right.

  3. Thanks for the mention. You must go to FinCon next year! 🙂

    • Syed says

      I will try my best. Sounds like it’s always a blast!

  4. Many thanks for including me. I’m in good company for sure. RE: the NFL stuff, disgusting! I have no interest in football and have even less interest in light of all the terrible things that I’m seeing in the news.

    • Syed says

      No problem. Yeah I could imagine how this could turn off anyone who is not a fan even more.

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