Diamonds in the Rough Roundup 1/16/15

Hope everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are going well.  Mine are surprisingly still going strong thanks to an app I downloaded called HabitRPG.  It essentially tracks your habits and daily activities and when you complete them, you get experience points and gold which you can use to make your character awesome.  If you do bad habits, then your life meter goes down.  Sounds nerdy, and it is.  But it’s been working for me so far.  Here are some other great posts that have worked for me this year:

It’s Impossible to Stay Retired Once you Retire Early by Financial Samurai:  Early retirement has been a “thing” lately, so it begs the question:  what do you exactly do with your time?  Some people can keep themselves busy, but after years and years I would think that itch comes back.  Sam talks about his experience with retiring early.  Ironic that a lot of people trying to retire early look up to people like Warren Buffet, who is working well into his 80’s.

Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work by The Wealth Gospel:  Losing weight is tough.  Period.  Here’s a nice post by Ben about the futility of counting calories and what actually works, and how it relates to budgeting.

How to Stay Motivated When Using the Debt Avalanche by Frugal Rules:  Paying your debts off from highest to lowest interest rate is bar none the most efficient way to pay off your debt.  This is also known as the Avalanche Method.  Motivation can be an issue for those with lots of debt, but there are ways around that.



  1. Thanks for sharing, sir! 🙂

  2. I wonder if the early retirement trend is fading a little bit?

    It’s just fun chronicling the experiences. Nobody knows until they try!

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