How to Raise Your Credit Score FAST

Ride some coattails to a higher credit score!

Living off the grid sounds great.  You don’t have to field calls from telemarketers or keep up on with the latest Trump headline.  As long as you find a way to take care of hygiene once in a while, life will be good.

For those of us not looking to live in the wilderness with our family, a credit score becomes very important.  To get a house, car or education, you will need a loan at some point.  In order to get a loan, and then get a great interest rate on the loan, you will need a great credit score.

Many writers, including myself, have written about how to increase your credit score.  FICO, the people who assign your credit score, even have a nice graph that shows what factors affect your score the most.

As long as you make your payments on time and keep your credit utilization low, you should be good.

It can take years to build up a great score.  But what if you want to increase your score quickly?  And with almost no work needed?

There is a way to do just that by using a little feature all credit card issuers offer.  Enter the authorized user.

Authorized User Pros

Almost all credit card companies allow you to assign an authorized user (AU) to your account.  The primary card holder will sign them up, and it can be usually done online by entering some information about the AU.

Once the AU is approved, they get their own card with their name on it.  But all charges need to be paid by the primary card holder.  If the AU goes on a spending spree, the burden will still fall on the primary card holder.  So be very careful who you choose.

The AU does get a number of benefits:

1.  Credit score boost!  This is arguably the biggest benefit of being an AU.  If someone is young with no credit history or has a low credit score due to some past mistakes, becoming an AU can be a good option if the primary card holder has a great credit score.  Being an AU will put the primary card holders info on the AU’s credit report.

While nothing is guaranteed in the credit score boosting arena, if the primary card holder has a great score and a stellar credit history, the AU will almost always see a boost in their own credit score.  This can especially be helpful if one spouse has a great credit score and the other needs to build some credit.  Just add the spouse as an AU and watch their score skyrocket.

2.  Using a great credit card they would have otherwise not have been approved for.  Many people either have no credit or a low credit score.  This means they will likely not be approved for any of the awesome reward cards on the market.  Even though the primary card holder technically gets the rewards, if a family member is an AU it’s more points for everybody!

Having access to a great card such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred or American Express Platinum card has many additional benefits such as primary rental car insurance and travel benefits.  And with the associated credit boost that comes with being an AU, they might be able to get that great credit card on their ownat some point!

3.  Responsibility.  With a safety net.  A credit card is like a machete.  It is a tool that can be used to your benefit.  You can track all of your expenses in one place.  And you can earn some great rewards depending on what type of card you have.  Responsible credit card use has many benefits.

But it is also a tool that can harm you if not wielded properly.  Late payments and carrying a balance will dig you a financial hole real fast.  Double digit interest rates will quickly erase any gains from investments you may have.  And it’s really easy to get into credit card debt if you’re not careful.

Being an AU eliminates the risk of you getting into trouble with a credit card.  But only because the responsibility is on the primary card holder!  Hopefully, they are savvy enough to be able to erase your mistake and counsel the AU on not making them again.  This is a rare free pass in the financial world.

So the risk falls squarely on the primary card holder.  The AU is in the clear.  But if they’re not careful, the primary holder just has to make a call and tell the company to drop the AU.  So the risk is there, but can be minimized in an instant.

Big Upside with Little Risk

Adding an AU is an easy process that can be potentially beneficial for the AU.  It can provide a nice credit score boost if the primary card holder has a great score.  And the AU will get the benefits of using a credit card with potential rewards.

The risk falls on the primary card holder.  If the AU has a spending problem, the primary holder has to foot the bill.  Luckily, they can also cancel the AU in an instant.  So the risk is relatively small.

So to summarize, you CAN increase your credit score pretty quickly if you become an AU with someone that has a great score.  A lot will still depend on your own credit activity, but if you make it a point to pay your bills on time and not over utilize your credit, signing up as an AU can provide a nice credit score boost.



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