10 Smart Ways to Squeeze Extra Value From Your Car’s Warranty

Need to squeeze extra value from your car’s warranty? Check out our helpful top ten ways to get more for your money!

Every new car comes with a warranty from the car’s manufacturer. In addition, After-market extended warranties are readily available for almost any vehicle, both before and after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Unfortunately, most people don’t use their car’s warranty to its fullest. 

While its primary purpose is to help minimize the expense of parts replacement and repairs if something breaks, there are other ways to get value out of your car’s warranty. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

New cars tend to be more expensive to insure, but the cost of repairs and the increased risk of something breaking down can deter people from keeping their cars for their full lifespan or buying used vehicles that may be less expensive. 

An extended warranty can reduce the amount paid out-of-pocket to repair major failures, making it more practical for people to drive older cars for longer. 

Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

Similar to why people will drive cars longer if an extended warranty covers them, people are also willing to pay more for a vehicle under warranty, whether it’s the manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty. If you’re considering an extended warranty, make sure to look for one that’s transferable in case you decide to sell the car. 

Peace of Mind

While this isn’t a traditional definition of value, knowing you are protected by your car’s warranty can offer peace of mind and reduce the stress and worry about how you’ll pay for expensive repairs if something breaks. 

Additionally, though it doesn’t directly impact vehicle-related expenses, stress can be detrimental to your health, and reducing your stress can reduce the incidence of health problems and associated medical expenses in the future. 

Understand What’s Covered to Pay Less For Repairs

While a sudden failure of an engine component due to a defective part is usually expected to be covered by a warranty, some warranties offer expanded coverage that includes unusual parts. Understanding what your specific warranty covers can help you pay less for repairs that fall under your plan.

Know What’s Required to Keep a Car’s Warranty in Effect

While some warranties are in effect as long as there were no intentional acts to cause damage, a few come with a list of requirements to be able to utilize your warranty when you need to. These are typically things like basic maintenance to reduce excessive wear and tear.

Consider Optional Collision Coverage

While most warranties cover defects in manufacturing, materials, and workmanship, some extended warranties include optional collision coverage. In addition to the standard coverage for defects, collision coverage can help cover the cost of any repairs in the case of an accident. 

While this option is typically an additional cost, it can provide incredible value and peace of mind if something happens.

High-Quality Service Networks

Many warranties have a preferred service network of trusted, reliable mechanics and shops to help you find someone to take care of repairs. This can save you the hassle of finding a reputable shop and often comes with a guarantee that they will do the work correctly. Not to mention save you money in the long run.

Avoid Warranty Lapses 

If your manufacturer’s warranty is about to expire, it may be a good idea to consider purchasing an extended car’s warranty. 

Generally, cars with warranties that are about to expire are newer, and extended warranties tend to be less expensive than those for older cars because there’s less risk of catastrophic parts failure. They’re also typically available for longer warranty terms, offering lower-priced coverage for more of the car’s useful lifespan.

Consider Your Needs

To get the most value out of your car’s warranty, you should know what kind of warranty protection you need. There are many options out there, and you may not need the level of coverage offered by all of them. However, if you know what you need, you can be sure to select a warranty that doesn’t have too many features you won’t use.

Compare Warranty Options

Whether you’re purchasing a new vehicle and looking at add-on options or looking for an extended warranty to replace an expiring manufacturer’s warranty, you want to compare options from different providers. Of course, you want to be sure to choose a reputable company, but other than that, comparing levels of coverage and their relative prices is a good way to ensure you’re getting a good value. 

There are several extended warranties on the market, and it can take some time to sort through them all. The time and effort are worth it though, and having the right extended warranty for you can make a huge difference if something breaks. 



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