Hello everybody!  Glad you found your way to my site.  Here’s a quick look on why I started the Broke Professional and what it’s all about:

I graduated from optometry school in 2009.  I remember my undergraduate years and how I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with myself for the longest time.  I’m glad that road has led me to become an optometrist.  It’s a great profession that presents a lot of opportunities for everyone.  If you want to start your own practice right out of school, you certainly can.  If you like the employment track and learning the ropes there first, which is where I currently am at, you can do that too.  It provides opportunities for all different types of personalities which makes it unique to most health care professions.

Okay now for the depressing stuff.  Mainly, student loans.  We all knew they would amount to a lot but some of us didn’t know how much they could actually effect our lifestyles.  I’ve met too many new grads who don’t know much about retirement planning, investing or even how to pay their loans off in the most efficient manner.  That’s where the Broke Professional steps in.

Through my experience as a student, new grad and now established professional, I will try to educate those new grads, and anyone else who wants to join, about the basics of saving, banking and investing.  From the importance of knowing your credit score to being able to take full advantage of your workplace benefits, there is a lot of stuff to know that we weren’t taught in school.

Personal finance is a continuous learning process so I will include myself in this educational endeavor.  if you don’t agree with something I’ve written, go ahead and call me out (nicely!) in the comments and we’ll talk.  I especially enjoy talking about the NY Giants and Knicks.

Please feel free to comment or contact me with any suggestions.  I will be happy to answer any questions but I am NOT a professional financial planner or tax professional and I will let you know that if I can’t give you a solid answer.