Diamonds in the Rough Roundup 7/11/15

It’s been a slow slow sports week.  Not much to talk about today except: don’t play with fireworks.  Jason Pierre-Paul, one of the best defensive players on the New York Giants, had to have his index finger amputated because of a fireworks incident.  Not a good thing for a professional athlete.  And he’s only 26 years old.  As a result of the injury, the Giants withdrew their long term contract worth $60 million.  That’s an expensive injury.

Also, today is 7/11.  Get your free slurpee if you like that sort of thing.  Here are some articles which I sort of liked myself:

Behind the Scenes at a Free Financial Seminar by Stacking Benjamins:  Really insightful piece on what exactly goes into those “free” dinner invites we get in the mail every so often.

9 Actions to Take to Trick Yourself into Saving Money by Making Sense of Cents:  Our brains are not wired to save money.  Especially when we have companies marketing to us every second of the day.  With banking being fully electronic nowadays, it’s easy to force yourself into savings.

Is the first $100K the Hardest by Dividend Mantra:  Get ready to be inspired.  Gaining momentum is always the tough part in any endeavor, but once the momentum is there, it’s easy to ride to success.  Jason’s story is a great example.

Preparing Your Home to Sell Quickly and For Top Dollar by Eyes on the Dollar:  Most home buyers will want to buy a house from their first few seconds of seeing it.  That means curb appeal and keeping the home clean are a must.




  1. Syed,

    Thanks for including me!

    Don’t play with fireworks, indeed. I stick to just visiting a local show. Much cheaper and safer. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

    Best regards.

    • Syed says

      Not a problem. Yes watching fireworks is much safer, especially if your ability to play football can make you a multimillionaire overnight. Take care.

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