Diamonds in the Rough Roundup 3/21/14

It’s March Madness time!  Already some big upsets with Harvard and Dayton winning yesterday.  Here are some winning articles I came across this past week:

A Guide to Freaking Out About Retirement Planning by Green Money Stream:  While freaking out in itself is not fun, knowing that retirement is inevitable is a strong dose of reality for everyone.  With this in mind it’s important to start saving early and often.

Why Having Student Loans Sucks by Student Loan Sherpa:  Student loans are unlike any other loan in that you can’t directly sell them and they don’t disappear if you declare bankruptcy.  They’re not a fun thing to have so get rid of them as soon as you can!

Cheating on Taxes:  It’s More Common thank You Think by Personal Finance Utopia:  Very interesting article about the prevalence of cheating on tax returns in America.  It might be tempting to fudge a number here or there, but if you’re audited or caught, the results are not pretty.

How to Become a Leader for Your Company by Modest Money:  It really takes a proactive approach to get noticed in a company.  If you work hard and don’t promote yourself, it is unlikely your work will get noticed.  This is a good post on some things to keep in mind if you would like to advance within your company.

Is a Backdoor Roth IRA a Good Move by Barbara Friedberg:  A backdoor Roth IRA can be a good way to reduce taxes for some people.  Who doesn’t want to pay less taxes?

Thanks to NZMuse for featuring my article on smart ways to spend your tax refunds in the latest Carnival of Personal Finance.



  1. Thanks for including my article in your roundup! Very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Kay says

    Thanks for including my article! I’m sure you’re not freaking out about retirement planning. Probably all under control. 🙂

    • Syed says

      It was a great article one of my favorites. Ha I wouldn’t call myself under control but a healthy does of fear is always helpful.

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