Diamonds in the Rough Roundup 4/25/14

Ready for Zero really is a great website.  Using their tools I found out I will save $25,000 in interest payments over the life of my student loans by just contributing $300 extra per month to my highest interest rate loan.  This has motivated me to find even more ways to add to that extra monthly payment, allowing me to save even more interest and be debt free sooner.  If you have student loan debt, use their tools to find out the exact day you will be debt free.  Don’t worry they’re not paying me to say this.

Is College Still a Wise Investment? by Modest Money:  While I don’t agree with the conclusion that college isn’t a good investment, I do agree that it’s not a GREAT investment anymore.  Gone are the days of just getting a bachelor’s in anything and finding a well paying position.  If you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, know what you want to do early and scope out the employment/self employment prospects early on.

I Just Paid Off a $25,000 Student Loan by Frugaling:  I really enjoy reading about stories about people quickly paying off student debt.  Because that means the banks are getting a little less and people are getting a little more.

Would You Let Your Insurance Company Monitor Your Movement to Save Money? By Green Money Stream:  Insurance companies putting trackers in your car is probably going to be a normal offering soon.  If it saves me money and forces people to drive safer, why not?  I would use it if my auto insurance offered it.

The Secret to Getting Out of Debt by Personal Finance Utopia:  Great article on the various ways debt ruins your life.  Most people embrace debt and go on their merry way.  It really must be despised so you can take firm action against it.

Why Your Net Worth Matters by Miranda Marquit:  I’ve always been a fan of net worth (see my post here).  You shouldn’t live and die by it, but it’s a good number to look at once in a while.  The best way to increase your net worth?  Find expenses to cut and then out those savings right into your investments or debt repayment.



  1. Kay says

    Thanks for including me Syed! Great list. I really enjoyed PF Utopia’s post too!

    • Syed says

      You’re welcome. Yeah he has some great posts.

  2. Thanks much for highlighting my article, Syed. It’s greatly appreciated!

    • Syed says

      Not a problem. It was definitely a great article!

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